20-23/11 Social Impact & Entrepreneurship Masterclass - Apply Now

UTRECHT - During the Global Entrepreneurship Week, we'll hold our second pilot Masterclass on Social Impact & Entrepreneurship. If your a student, refugee, or anyway looking for a better purpose in life? Dip into our newly developed program through this FREE 4-day Masterclass focusing on solving problems in society for a more sustainable world.

Purpose of the Masterclass

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Thinking about what to do next? Thinking maybe about starting your own business? Or have you just started your own business? Or you want to explore how entrepreneurial you are?

We from Market Leaders International are a starting social enterprise that targets people with their talents and ideas, to unleash their potential, rediscover their dreams and what they are passionate about to spur and ignite innovation and entrepreneurship in communities and societies. Ultimately we want to contribute to peace, a better world, sustainability and the setup of social enterprises. Read more on: www.MarketLeaders.International

Who are we? A team of people coming from Turkey, Syria and The Netherlands.

We believe the challenges our people and planet are facing can be solved only if we involve all people; people that are searching for their purpose in life, especially the ones that are currently displaced, marginalized or stuck in their career. That’s why we launched Market Leaders International, for all people willing to become impact makers and peace builders; developing entrepreneurial social solutions needed to make our society sustainable. We can all be leaders of our destiny and we can train you to become one!”.

Structure 4-day Masterclass

Day 1: Who are you, what's your dream, what can you initiate?

Day 2: Self-Assessing talents & pitfalls

Day 3: Start-up Experience - game based training

Day 4: Dare to make the move, what is your mission after this Masterclass?

We have developed the – Social Impact Entrepreneurship Program – which we want to pilot in The Netherlands. We have done so in Turkey past July and it was a huge success.

Who: We want to form a diverse group of refugees, students, young people that want to enter the labour market, professionals who feel they are ‘stuck’ in their job and want to explore a next step.

Where: De Alchemist 2 , Europalaan 2, Utrecht

Costs: Our program is subsidized by Haella Stichting and two companies. You will have to pay for your transportation costs and we ask a contribution for lunches according to what you can bare. On Friday and Saturday dinner will be included in the program, on Saturday when the final ceremony is where you get a Certificate.

Language: The program is given in English. Support in Dutch, Arab and Turkish available.

When: 20, 21, 22 and 23 November

Sign-Up: Carin Beijer: cjbeijer@telfort.nl (0636190361) Saskia Harkema: sharkema@ziggo.nl (0620610079) Pim de Bokx: pim@pioneerz.com (0654247268)

Intake: scheduled from 12 November onwards

Financially supported by: